Thirty-seven Terrible Years

Today marks the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The Lord will not hold America guiltless for the countless babies that have been murdered during that time.

There are several articles you should read today. Justin Taylor has an interview with Clarke Forsythe, a leading strategist for the pro-life movement. Kevin DeYoung has also posted two interesting pieces. The first, Like An Electric Current, is disturbing. You may find it difficult to read, but you should read it. We all need to be reminded of the Nazi-like horror that takes place in sanitary clinics. The second one, Accusing and Excusing for 37 Years, looks at the various ways states define persons and murder.

I hope you will not only read these articles but also take time today to pray that the Lord will bring an end to these atrocities in our nation. We need revival. We need it badly. And we need it soon.

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