To Pray or Not to Pray?

“Prayer was so important to the founders of the church, and so integral to its success, that they were determined not to be pulled away from it, even by other good and necessary ministries [see Acts 6:1-4]. But often in our churches today every other ministry takes priority over the ministry of prayer. And I would suggest that many times this is the primary reason why churches decline or die. They may have charismatic leaders or slick programs, but they have become ineffective because the church has stopped praying. On the other hand, any church that commits itself to prayer, no matter how bad things may have become, can be renewed and rebuilt by the power of the Spirit.” Harry L. Reeder, From Embers to a Flame, p. 77.

To pray or not to pray? That isn’t really the question. We have to pray. We must pray. Without prayer the work of God does not go forward. The real question is Will we pray?

One Response to “To Pray or Not to Pray?”

  1. Debbie says:


    Thank you for the reminder to pray.