A Sad Day for the Auld Kirk

On Monday, the Church of Scotland (not to be confused with the Free Church of Scotland) voted to allow gays and lesbians to be ordained to the ministry. This is a very sad turn of events for the church of John Knox and our Presbyterian forefathers. But it is an almost inevitable outcome for a church that has by-in-large rejected the doctrine of Scripture.

I don’t mean to imply that there aren’t many Bible-believing Christians in the Church of Scotland. There are. There are still many good ministers in the Church of Scotland who preach the gospel. Dominic Smart pastors Gilcomston South. Philip Hair preaches faithfully at Holyrood Abbey. St. Catherine’s Argyle Church is privileged to have a gifted expositor in her minister, Robyn Sydserff. In addition to these and numerous other local churches, ministries like Rutherford House and the Fellowship of Confessing Churches have sought to stem the tide, but what will they do now?

Please pray for these brothers and their Kirk Sessions. My hope is that evangelicals from the Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland will find a way to work together. Two years ago John Ross wrote about a new church for Scotland. Could that day be just about to dawn? Differing views on women’s ordination, however, may well prove to be the biggest obstacle.

Whatever happens with inter-church relations, please pray for revival for all of God’s church in Scotland, America, Africa, Europe, Asia, the whole world. May we see days of refreshing spiritual power like the Auld Kirk saw in the past, days when there was glory in the glen!

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