Reading the Bible

The other day I asked readers to weigh in on their Bible reading program for 2012, so today I thought I’d share with you my reading plan, the reasons I’m using it (again).

As in so many years past, for 2012 I’ve chosen to follow the M’Cheyne Calendar of Daily Readings. I first encountered this little tool as a high school student and immediately fell in love with it (Hey, it was done by a Scotsman. What can I say?). Its origin, however, had little to do with my liking the plan. I appreciated the genius of M’Cheyne’s arrangement. By reading four chapters a day, which doesn’t take very long, you can read through the entire Bible once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year.

M’Cheyne’s calendar offers variety. Each day you read from four different passages. Some of you may think that’s too diverse and that you’ll become confused. Try it, however, and you’ll find a lot of cross fertilization in your reading. For example, three of the passages for January 1 (Matt. 1; Ezra 1; Acts 1) stressed fulfilled Scripture. By noting connections like this (and there are many), it becomes easier to see how the various parts of the Bible relate to each other.

Have you chosen a reading plan for 2012? It’s only January 2. Start today. You can easily catch up.

If you choose the M’Cheyne schedule, you may also find D.A. Carson’s daily devotional helpful. Each day he discusses one of the passages from the plan.

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